About Me




Diyar is a successful fulltime Realtor, Mom to two young kids, Los Altos and Cherry Chase school volunteer, homeowner and investor.  She has been practicing real estate for the last 21 years with a focus on single family homes and condominium re-sale in the Silicon Valley.  Her clients range from tech executives, savvy entrepreneurs, move-up sellers and buyers, first-time home buyers, to retirees and real estate investors.


With a very successful and long track record working with satisfied buyers and sellers, Diyar possesses a thorough knowledge of current buyers’ needs and priorities, the market’s ever-changing dynamics, contractual and disclosure issues, the loan and escrow process, and an outstanding reputation of trustworthiness amongst her peers and clients.  Her culturally-diverse background also gives her an edge in understanding the varying needs of our multi-cultural area.  Her knowledge of architecture, construction and project management positions her clients to maximize their outcomes when buying and selling properties. 


Prior to her career in real estate, Diyar practiced as a project manager in several architecture firms, corporate real estate and construction departments.


Diyar graduated with B.Sc. Architectural Engineering from the University of Baghdad and is a member of the National, California and Silicon Valley Associations of Realtors.

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